"Navigating Google Ads isn’t always easy, especially if you're a new advertiser or a small business."
- Peter, small business owner

The vast majority of Google Ads advertises setup simple account structures, with few ad campaigns, and often skip advanced features, which may not apply or are unfamiliar to them.  
To make it easier for those advertisers to manage their ad campaigns, we launched a new summary view. The summary view shows a simplified version of an account, surfacing what's most important at a glance, and ways to optimize performance in a simpler card-based layout. 

I led the end-to-end experience for one of the largest product development initiatives in Google Ads history, focusing on the needs of small to medium advertisers. The project resulted in the creation of a new platform, supporting different campaign formats, which significantly simplifies the Google Ads experience for over 5 million customers. 

New Google Ads Summary view

Simplify the Google Ads experience for smaller advertisers, who have much simpler accounts.
By looking at our advertisers’ data, we surface content and features that are most relevant to them in a lightweight and glanceable card-based view so they can make sense of their campaigns.
The Google Ads Summary view started as an experiment within a lean and agile team. The project's main challenges were creating a scalable product on top of the existing Google Ads platform to support all advertising campaigns (using existing components), bringing alignment across functional partners for a common goal, and limited design resources.

Through building partnerships, understanding engineering needs, and priorities, and working in a startup environment, we were able to launch one of the most significant UX enhancements to Google Ads within a year.  
Discovery through research
In our design approach, we conducted extensive research to inform and refine our decisions, including competitive analysis, gathering customer feedback through surveys and interviews, and usability testing. I authored research scripts and surveys and created realistic prototypes to visualize how we planned to solve the problems, evaluate, and bring the product vision to life.

Campaign card prototype

Previous experience for all users
New Summary view
Through effective leadership and collaboration across teams, I successfully aligned UX and obtained approvals to achieve the company's ease of use goals, culminating in the successful launch of the new Google Ads Summary view in 2021. As a result, retention and satisfaction rates for smaller advertisers significantly improved with the new user experience. This was a significant and challenging project, requiring input and approval from high-level leadership and multiple review forums. 
I played a key role in driving cross-functional and technical team understanding and buy-in for proposed changes to the existing platform, using data analysis and minimizing infrastructure changes. The design framework for the Google Ads Summary view established a new standard, serving as a foundation for future design patterns and integrating with the broader Google Ads design system.
"This is amazing! It's a lot easier on a basic level where I need to go and gather information on the fly quickly, rather than being overwhelmed by the UI"
- Customer feedback
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