“The ultimate lock screen for busy professionals”

Next was intended to be a smart Lock Screen that would help you "learn what's next" and "do what's next.” From the beginning we made it easy for our customers to communication with us. As soon as we formally launched Next we were immediately overwhelmed by the volume of feedback. This was an incredibly humble experience to receive such huge volume of feedback and engage directly with customers who were genuinely interested in our product.
Next became the #1 in the lock screen category in the Google Play Store. Much of customer feedback helped shaped the experiences designed in this product. With Next, I also had the opportunity to rapidly experiment and build from our learnings.
Listen to our customers

Through the Next Google+ Community and Uservoice, we found that email and all notification were two of the most popular requests to show on the lock screen. Most lock screens in the market only showed the most recent notifications, something that can result in a lot of unwanted interruptions throughout your day. I went on a quest to find out more what our users meant by "all notifications" to help understand their immediate issues and needs from their current lock screen experiences.

After going through several rounds of explorations, customer surveys and interviews, and in person usability studies, we found that our targeted users shared common routines to catch up on meetings and emails, and stay in touch with people they cared about. With this validation, the next version of Next Lock Screen 2.3, surfaced intelligent notifications ranking upcoming events, emails, and other messaging apps higher, while deferring push notifications that may be less important to an “Other” section out of the way. Next Lock Screen helped users cut through the noise by prioritizing notifications.
Connecting with the community
Interaction studies
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